Prepare Your Irrigation System for Cold Weather

Call for irrigation winterization in Selah, WA and the surrounding area

You think you’ve cleared all of the water from your irrigation system, but you can never be too sure. Before the winter hits, schedule an irrigation cleanout to prevent your pipes from bursting. Performance Sprinkler & Landscape offers in-depth irrigation winterization services in Selah, Washington and the surrounding area. We’ll drain your system of water to keep water from freezing and expanding in pipes and valves. Contact us today to schedule your service.

3 reasons to move forward with your irrigation winterization service

Performance Sprinkler & Landscape will use a manual drain valve, an automatic drain valve or a compressed air blow-out method to clear your irrigation system before the winter. We’ll determine which route is best for your irrigation system. Call us today to:
  1. Avoid paying for costly repairs before the spring and summer hit
  2. Ensure water is removed from your pipes and valves
  3. Spend less time and money on your irrigation system

A blow-out of your irrigation system can prevent you from paying thousands of dollars in repairs. Before the temperature dips below 32 degrees, call Performance Sprinkler & Landscape in Selah, WA for sprinkler winterization.